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Twins Died Together From Diabetes, Heart Disease
ABC News
Twins Anthony and Andrew Johnson lived with each other in a quiet neighborhood in Tennessee. One helped treat the other's diabetes. They tended their lawn together, went to the grocery store together and they were found dead together.
Chattanooga twins died of diabetes, heart diseaseThe Detroit News

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Living With Type 1 Diabetes – a Forgotten Disease
U.S. News & World Report
Type 2 diabetes has become an epidemic, with 28.5 million Americans diagnosed as of 2012 and the number expected to continue growing. Lost in the discussion on how to reverse this mounting problem, however, is the plight that nearly 1.5 million …
New Tips on Diabetes TreatmentNewswire (press release)
High tech diabetes

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Diabetes Patients Learn To Control Disease, Depression
CBS Local
DENVER (CBS4) – If having diabetes isn't difficult enough — with the never-ending focus on exercise, healthy eating and insulin management — adding depression atop the disease can be overwhelming for some. “I felt like I had a sign over my head that

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New diabetes statistics show rising tide of disease
Los Angeles Times
About 29 million Americans have diabetes in the United States, up from 26 million in 2010, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. African Americans and Latinos are roughly twice as likely to get a diagnosis, says the new report. (Mark
CDC: Diabetes count rises to 29 million, 12% of adultsUSA TODAY
'Alarming' Rise: 29 Million Americans With
CDC report says 29 million Americans have diabetesReuters
WebMD -Medscape
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CBS Local
Research: Women With Diabetes More Likely To Develop Heart Disease
CBS Local
“And some people with diabetes don't feel heart discomfort at all.” The study can't show it is the diabetes that causes the heart disease, but the link is well known. “Men should not worry, now that women are more at risk than men. I think men and
1 in 10 Heart Attack Patients May Have DiabetesWebMD
10 Percent Of Heart Attack Victims Have Undiscovered DiabetesHeadlines & Global News
Diabetes Often Went Unrecognized After Heart AttackdailyRx
Medical Daily -Medical Xpress
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2 diabetes is an inflammatory disease, say researchers
Medical News Today
New research from Denmark continues to bear weight on the idea that type 2 diabetes is an inflammatory disease. The recently published study describes how in mice in the very early stages of type 2 diabetes , immune cells, macrophages, invade

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Link discovered between diabetes and heart disease
The Photo News
that is linked with heart failure and sudden cardiac death. Reported online in October in the journal Nature, the discovery by UC Davis Health System researchers helps explain why diabetes is a significant independent risk factor for heart disease.

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With Diabetes Realize disease can not view Harm
Thursday, 19 December, 2013 (HealthDay News) – Less than half of adults who lose their vision, diabetes by a doctor that diabetes told was her eyesight, a new study found damage. Vision loss is a common complication of diabetes and
MedPage Today
with diabetes at risk of developing diabetic macular edema during their news

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The results, published in the British Medical Journal was published, found medication works best for people with heart failure, but physical activity was at least as effective as the drugs that normally for borderline diabetes , heart disease and … Were

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About 60 percent to 70 percent of people with diabetes have mild to severe forms of nervous system damage, which can lead to an impairment or pain in the feet or hands. In 2008 alone, more than 70,000 people with diabetes had a leg or foot amputated.

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