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The Disease Many Americans Don't Know They Have
Yahoo Health
Yet Americans — and even some doctors — don't take diabetes very seriously. (Did you even know it's American Diabetes Month?) “Sometimes, people think 'serious' means things that kill you right away,” said Dr. Carlos del Rio, chair of the Emory
Diabetes: 8 Million People Living With Condition In U.S. Have Not Been Headlines & Global News
Hypewatch: 100 Million Diabetic Americans in the Dark?MedPage Today
A New Study Finds More Adults Living with Undiagnosed DiabetesWJHG-TV
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Vail Daily health feature: Diabetes affects millions of Americans who don't
Vail Daily News
Edwards resident Arlene Cordova knew she had a family history of diabetes, but had never been tested for the disease until six years ago, at age 53. After getting her blood tested during a wellness clinic at her job, Cordova discovered she had type 2

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40 percent of Americans will develop diabetes, study says
CBS News
Approximately two out of every five Americans will develop type 2 diabetes at some point during their adult lives, according to new U.S. government estimates. The ongoing diabetes and obesity epidemics have combined with ever-increasing human lifespans …
Risk of Diabetes Doubles as Disease Rises Sharply in USBloomberg
40% of Americans Will Develop Diabetes: CDCWebMD
Diabetes Rate Soars, Especially Among Blacks And HispanicsHuffington Post
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Diabetes risk factor common in Latin Americans likely inherited from Neanderthals
Boston Globe
A genetic risk factor for type 2 diabetes commonly found in the DNA of Mexican and other Latin Americans was probably inherited from Neanderthals when they interbred with humans some 50,000 years ago, according to an exhaustive new analysis.
New genetic risk factor for type 2 diabetes revealedScience Daily (press release)
Diabetes Risk Found to be Inherited from NeanderthalsHeadlines & Global News

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Science World Report
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CBS Local
The FDA has approved the first artificial pancreas for those patients who did not approve their own insulin . “It gives me a lot of hope,” Palazzolo said Rosann Macomb resident, whose daughter Bianca was just eight years old when she was diagnosed with type
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Portland-area Native Americans wage war against diabetes epidemic
By Bill Graves, The Oregonian Jamie Francis/The Oregonian Michael Teeple, 60, a member of the Ojibwe tribe, got diabetes five years ago, shortly after recovering from a lifelong battle with alcoholism that left him homeless for a decade.

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David Beasley | Atlanta (Reuters) – A 40 percent reduction in death rate from diabetes American adults from heart disease and stroke is a sign that patients are taking better care of themselves and receive improved treatment, according to a
New York Daily News
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From Bryan High / MLB com | 29/04/12 17.55 clock Et New York – Freddy Garcia has the Yankees’ bullpen has been sent, and rookie David Phelps will be an opportunity . have pitch from the rotary club Garcia was defeated by the Tigers for six runs in

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damage, the ubiquitous common experience in the Mexican-American community, which has some of the highest prices in a wave of diabetes is nationwide. The disease can provoke heart attacks, high blood pressure, kidney failure and blindness,

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class=”lh”> diabetes Risk Factor for Mexican Americans
Sacramento Bee

damage, the ubiquitous a common experience in the Mexican American community is, what are some of the highest rates nationwide in a surge of diabetes . The disease can provoke heart attacks, high blood pressure, kidney failure and blindness,

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