My friend invited me to Six Flags last year. I had diabetes but not celiac, so I am more concerned about that. Usually, they have dinner inside the park, but you bring your own lunch to eat outside the park. So I’m fine for lunch, but not dinner. I don’t want to be too much of a hassle during this. They do not allow food inside the park. So what should I do?
By the way, I cannot eat things on the inside in case they contain gluten. Just to be on the safe side.

My son is a little over 3, he his asking for drinks more during the day and has started wetting at night. I am not sure if its just a kid growing and needing more liquid or something more. I do still try to limit his drinks at night.
My 16 yr old half brother was diagnosed a couple of years back and I am not sure if the diabetes is on my Dad’s side or my step-mothers side.