I have type 2 diabetes, so I do know a little about this topic? Does it have any relevance?

Im only a teenager, and my dad has type 2 diabetes, my cousin on my dad’s sude has type 1, and my grandfather, plus his 6 relatives all have type 1 and 2 on my dad’s side. What are my chances of getting diabetes? What is the ratio? Can I prevent diabetes? And will I have to go to the hospital if I am diagnosed with type 1 or 2 diabetes?

I am 27 and have a mental illness and diabetes ( type 1)do i qualify for social security benefits. It impedes me from working even though I finished college my symptoms keep progressing with the hyper anxiety. I dont have medical insurance and keep seeing these people with free medicine and such how do I get the same help in Los Angeles County???

I have been a Type 1 diebetic for 11 years. My husband and I have just started ttc. I was wondering how long it took other diabetic women to conceive and if they had miscarriages, how many? How well was your blood glucose contorlled before and during pregnancy?

Does anyone know of any options to obtain health-care coverage (with low income) with pre-existing Type 1 Diabetes (insulin dependent)? I realize this may be a futile search, but I would really appreciate any advice/suggestions.

I saw this thing on TV about type 1 Diabetes and it really made me want to help, but I don’t have any money and I was wondering if there was any free ways to help with it.

My brother in – law is in hospital. he is 53 and has type 1 diabetes. His creatinine is 12, calcium low enough to receive through IV, blood pressure always high, he had to get 3 units of blood for low H&H, definitely end stage renal failure, they are stabilizing him for dialysis. How long is his life expectancy ?

Hello people.
I see diabetes listed as a risk factor for heart diseases and I wonder how bad it really is to have diabetes. Is it as bad as smoking? I suppose it depends on how well diabetes is controlled but I just want to get an idea of what damage high blood sugar does to you body.

Hi, just recently i have been having Some symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes do you think i have it? Here are my symptoms:
Excessive hunger!
blurred vision
i was in school today and i almost fell asleep on my desk i felt awful and it was like 10 minutes after lunch and my stomache was still growling i had a great breakfast to. i also heard sudden weight loss could be a sign of diabetes. i was 138 pounds but suddenly im abot 125! i’m 13. yrs old btw. ^_^ thanks!

I’ve heard that its harder for men with diabetes to have children, something 2 do with effecting the sperm and we want children , maybe it could be me? Basically does anyone know if type 1 diabetes effect a mans sperm which does not allow him to concieve??