If my mother has type 1 diabetes and it runs in both sides of my family, will I inevitably get it?


  1. dwarakanathan cr rama says:

    as you suspect you must diabetes but what type is depended upon the dominance 0f your mother’s character manifesting –your are sure to get diabetes 2—if it happen to be type1 it is dominance

  2. PattyAnn says:

    Perhaps Type 2. Your risk is always greater when it’s in the family.
    Get plenty of exercise and eat better if it really concerns you.

  3. Quicksan says:

    No and you are not overweight and you still young so be happy and enjoy your age .

  4. Jennifer says:

    My Father has Borderline Diabetes and I dont expect to get it

  5. ♥♪♫☮dais says:

    you won’t neccisaroly get it but u have a larger chance

  6. Gary B says:

    Type 1 Diabetes does not depend so much on your weight. It is mostly related to you body, and less on diet and genetics. Type 1 diabetes is much less common that Type 2 Diabetes.
    Type 2 diabetes is caused by being overweight. This IS something you can control, by eating a healthy diet that is free from sugars and low in starches and fats, and high in fibers. Get plenty of exercise helps a great deal.
    Since you mother has Type 1 diabetes, it IS possible for you to get it. With a family history, you need to check with your doctor at least once a year. He should do the A1C test to see how you are doing. IF the test show positive, then you can start treatment before it does any damages.
    But NO, just because you mother has it that does NOT mean that you WILL get it.

  7. # says:

    Well, maybe yes, maybe no. I have diabetes on my father’s side. It’s very strong, my grandfather had it and so did my dad, which is not common. Normally it skips a generation, so in your case you may be safe. You can buy these pee -on-a-strip test strips at the pharmacy, they test your glucose and insulin levels. My mom made me pee on them all the time when I was a kid. You should eat healthy and learn all you can about food. I’m like, the health queen, I have to be since I have PCOS, which is linked to insulin resistance. Like you, I’m thin, so even doctors overlook my danger of getting diabetes.
    Type 1 is genetic, pretty much, where Type 2 is caused by poor diet and obesity, so it all depends on genetic make-up. I feel just like you, I’m just watching and waiting, I’m almost 30 and so far nothing has happened. My dad was 21 when he got it, he felt thirsty all the time and had very blurry vision. Just look out for it and be healthy, don’t smoke, o.d. on sugar, or drink, as alcohol turns into sugar. Good luck!

  8. Bolt says:

    With one diabetic parent, you have about a 12% chance. Not enough to panic about. If you inherit the genes they are linked to the development of diabetes, then you inherit them.

  9. Billme says:

    Some doctors say that type one diabetes is caused by the immune system attacking the pancreas, but fail to document how that happens. If this is the case, then it would tend to be irreversible. But it seems that when someone is type one, they can start to reverse the process of the pancreas not working properly with good diet and becoming less acidic, thus Dr. Young blames diabetes on being to acidic.
    One doctor seems to believe that his patients get back use of their pancreas and insulin is more effective once they become les acidic and start to eat more alkaline foods. He is Dr Young and wrote The PH Miracle for Diabetes.
    Another Doctor wrote Dr. Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes. If you want to avoid diabetes, I suggest that you get both books. Each has it’s strong points, and together I think they can help you win the war against catching diabetes. If you can not avoid it, then it will certainly help you live a long and healthy life should yo progress into diabetes.
    If you know someone with type 1 diabetes, then the diet suggestions can keep them from being insulin resistant for as long as possible, and also lessen the medications that they require. Someone with tye 2 diabetes might be able to stop taking medications altogether, yet should continue to monitor their bloodsugars at least daily, to make sure they are stable.
    Best of luck to you.
    Happy New Year !

  10. 쌤 says:

    my mum has type 1, it runs in my family, her dad had type 2 and her grandfather had type 1.
    It normally skips a generation, but type 1 has nothing to do with being fat and eating unhealthy, it it generic.
    so to answer your question, unless 3 generations of your family have type 1, it is unlikely you will get it.

  11. EA says:

    Not necessarily. You are at higher risk for getting diabetes because of your genetics but if you would like to decrease the chance of getting it later in life staying active and eating healthy are the way to do it. Even 30 minutes of light exercise per day (even walking counts) will decrease your chance of getting diabetes.

  12. RedNecke says:

    type 2 is not always obesity, I am kinda small and I have type 2 . I drank lots of processed sugar all my life so it was inevitable. drink fruit drinks if you gotta drink sweets. fruit drinks have low glycemic load as does fruit so stay away from processed sugars and you may be alright.

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