My fiance and I both would like to have a baby, except that my Blood Sugar Levels are still fairly high, My last HBA1C was about 9.1.
I would like to know what are some ways of getting my Diabetes under better control faster, so that I can have a better pregnancy and by not putting the baby at so much risk?


  1. JMK45 says:

    Talk to your Doctor immediately. He or she can work with you to get your diabetes under control. You would want to find an ob/gyn who has experience with pregnant women with diabetes, and work with him/her before you become pregnant to ensure that you have a safe pregnancy for you and your baby. You may also find a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) who are a great help in working with your day to day control issues of control, you may also want to work with a nutritionist to make sure you are eating the right things to maintain good BG control, as well as what you should eat for your baby’s nutrition. Good luck!…

  2. Mary says:

    Also discuss a pump with your doctor. My friend’s doctor would not even consider pregancy with out a pump. She has a happy health 6th grader.

  3. orangekw says:

    I don’t think this girl was asking for any moral advice. . . . I’ve had Type I for 34 years and am completely out of control (I’m in horrible denial!). My A1C has been around 12 but it is somewhere just under 10 now. Every MD, Endocrinologist and Diabetologist demand that I get the pump. I have never met or heard of anyone that hasn’t loved it. I personally don’t want anything sticking out of my body, plus it would remind me that I have Diabetes. I’m a sad case. but if I wanted to have my sh%$ together or have a baby, I would get one immediately. Vey much luck to you!

  4. cruisecr says:

    First off I would wait till you get married before you have children. I would not even suggest getting pregnant until after your married. As for getting your sugar under control I would talk to your doctor. You should prob. be adjusting your insulin to help keep your B.S. down. Maybe the things your eating are not the best choice and are keeping the levels high. Also if you have a diabetes educator I would talk to them as well. But I would HIGHLY suggest talking to your doctor and tell him everything that’s going on so he can help you get your sugar under control. I really hope you wait till your wedding until you get pregnant though. But I hope you 2 have a very good life together and that you have a healthy diabetes free baby! Good luck getting your blood sugar under control!

  5. Cammie says:

    You should work with a perinatologist prior to getting pregnant. These doctors deal with hi risk patients.
    You will need to get your sugar under great control for the safest way to deal with pregnancy.
    Check your local teaching hospital or ask your ob/gyn for a referral.
    Good luck.

  6. alliblue says:

    If your not already seeing and endo, get to one and ask about getting an insulin pump. It will help you get the best control for pregnancy.

  7. Billme says:

    I am happy to hear that you are concerned enough about your baby to get your blood sugars and A1c under control before getting pregnant.
    This is a great book that has helped the test patients get their A1c test under control and should help you as well.
    Dr. Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes.
    Test subjects where able to reduce their medications by 50% or more.
    You might also like this book The PH Miracle for Diabetes.
    Dr Young writes that insulin is less effective in people who are overly acidic, and becoming pregnant will give your body even more toxins to get rid of. He suggest a alkaline diet, and eating less acidic foods, such as meats and animal fats. Soft drinks are very acidic, stop drinking them altogether.
    Artificial sweeteners also become acidic inside your body, so I recommend staying away from them. Fruit juices, even though acidic before you eat them, they tend to make the body less acidic. They are OK and a great way to sweeten something.
    You might try oatmeal for breakfast with 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon on top. The cinnamon helps slow the absorption of sugars in test subjects by 20%. Sweeten with applesauce, chopped up apples, peaches, or something other than sugar.
    Avoid as much milk products. Dr. Barnard says that in his book. My friend hated to give up cheese but after drinking alkaline water for 5 weeks and giving up cheese, he avoids needing medication most days, so he is very happy!
    Best of luck to you,
    Happy New Year !

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