I have had Type 1 for 10 years and have gained 60 lbs since starting insulin therapy in 2000! My nutritionist gave me little insight by telling me that insulin makes you gain weight, I need to take less. But how, and still get the nutrition I need?

A friend’s child has just been diagnosed as having Type 1 Diabetes – are there any child friendly websites out there that you can recommend?
Thanks in advance.

Hi I know diabetes type 1 is not genetic or contagious but I was wondering if pancreatis could give you diabetes or anything else such as giving your body to much sugar so the insulin cannot keep up and works so vigorously, the beta cells get worn out. Any help would be appreciated! I was just curious!

Ok please only answer if you have Type 1 Diabetes.
Do you ever go for a run of about 3 miles and get low, if so did you feel that you were low easier than you would feel it if you were at rest? Did it ever go undetected?
How low do you have to be to pass out?

My son has Type 1 Juvenille Diabetes and now has markers for Coeliac Disease, I am wanting to find out how a 12 year old boy can deal with both issues, food and diet changes again!

i want to get a tattoo that lets people know i have type1 diabetes just in case something happens to me. but i dont know what the symbol for type 1 diabetes is. does anyone know the symbol for type1 diabetes?

If my mother has type 1 diabetes and it runs in both sides of my family, will I inevitably get it?

My fiance and I both would like to have a baby, except that my Blood Sugar Levels are still fairly high, My last HBA1C was about 9.1.
I would like to know what are some ways of getting my Diabetes under better control faster, so that I can have a better pregnancy and by not putting the baby at so much risk?

My little brother is a type 1 and I feel so bad for him. He’s only 11 years old, but I’m so worried about him not having a normal life with regard to friends, dating etc.
What have your experiences been like?

My mum has it and my mums brother (my uncle) My two brothers don’t but they mainly take after my dads side of the family. I take after my mums in character and appearance (if this means anything) My mum was diagnosed when she was 20 odd and my uncle when he was 30 odd both were fairly old to get type 1 Diabetes. I’m 13, 14 soon. Is there a high chance i will get type 1 Diabetes? Thanks in advance. x