My husband has Type 1 Diabetes and I’ve heard that it’s considered a disability. We need help trying to find a service that will help us pay for this. We are a VERY low incomed family and if my husband doesn’t take his insulin he WILL die. What do we do?


  1. Joshua C says:

    Diabetes is considered a disability under the ADAAA (American with disabilities Amendment acts).
    Contact your medicaid office asap or go to a free clinic. Call your county as well.

  2. Lucy L says:

    If your husband needs to apply for state or federal disability, the question will be whether or not he is capable of working based on symptoms of diabetes. If he can’t work because of problems caused by diabetes, then he may be eligible for disability payments.
    To get help with medication, there should be a county health organization in your area. Talk to them to see if there is any way you can get help in obtaining his insulin.

  3. Bolt says:

    As a disability, if depends on under what deffinition and circumstance you are applying.
    Diabetes is protected under the american’s with disabilities act because it is a life threatening health issue (even if you’re nick jonas). By law that means your needs, within reason, must be accomondated. By this, diabetes is a disability.
    However, it does not garauntee handicap parking stickers or supplimental income (SSDI) unless the diabetes significantly impacts your ability to work and care for yourself. If you are not significantly impacted, then it’s not a disability.
    As for low income, there are many programs available for obtaining medications. County clinics often base prices on a sliding scale so that you pay what you can afford, not what the doctor wants for his new car payment :-)
    Call your local diabetes association (city, state, or country) and ask for help. They should know what help is available to you in your situation.
    Call your local human resource center (which handle things like low income housing and food stamps) and ask for help. If there is a program your family qualifies for, they should know.
    If you have a walmart nearby, check to see if insulin is among their reduced cost perscription medications. There are a few other national chain pharmacies that have similar plans.
    Contact the pharmacuetical company that makes the insulin and inquire about their free programs for those in need of life saving medications but can not afford them.Even if they can only front you a few months, it’s still worth it.

  4. 20 y/o mum to Liam :) says:

    my son has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and wer im from he gets everything free almost. the insulin and healthcare is completely free, we get injections also but i buy smaller ones for my son cos he dsnt cry with them. we only get 50strips a month to test his glucose which only last maximum a week but im not complainin. here it isnt considered as a disability but a condition for life. so if someone has a condition and would need treatment for life, then everything is free.
    i live in central europe and things are very different im guessing!

  5. jenius says:

    As far as I know in the US it is not considered a disability.

  6. forever8 says:

    Trust me no one will concider it a disiblity they should. Try a free clinic my boyfriend goes there n he pays 20 for his insulin.

  7. Emilyy, says:

    I don’t think it’s a disability.. I mean,(Not to go off topic or anything) Nick Jonas has type 1 diabetes, and he’s doing like.. everything.
    But, here’s some info on it;…

  8. sjwprod says:

    Sorry to break the news Jenius, under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment of 2008 the lay does now cover diabetics. It sites specific conditions that limit the ability to perform basic body functions such as endocrine functions, of which diabetes is one. Does it mean that a diabetic is disabled? Not necessarily, but it does mean that the diabetic must be accommodated in school and at work to be able to perform the necessary activities that are needed to manage their Type Diabetes.

    Nick has it, but to take care of it he needs to manage it with insulin, blood sugar testing, food management, blood glucose corrections and other necessary task 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year for ever until there is a cure.

    So to put it clearly:
    Are you disabled when you are a Type 1 Diabetic? No.
    Is Type 1 diabetes a disability? Yes
    Can it cause disabling complications? If not managed successfully, Yes.
    If you are able to manage it in school and at work without obstacles, can you do anything? Yes!

    So, the law, as of Jan. 2009, is behind all Type 1 diabetics who may need some accommodation to be function successfully at school or at work. The accommodation for necessary tasks and time is now require of the employer and the school!

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