A fun little project I’m working on is putting together a number of Coffee Passport from those folks who’ve made it into the Black Apron Club there. My brother-in-law works for Starbucks and passed through into the club recently and it’s interesting to see the level of detail Starbucks put their employees through to know their different coffee blends. So while DD makes fun of Starbucks all the time for having so many different coffee’s it’s nice to know there are educated people behind the counter there too that can tell you why Starbucks has so many different types of coffee.

Check out the project if you’re intersted.

Cubs closer Kerry Wood got a chance to voice his opinion to ESPN the Magazine in a recent quote about Ron Santo’s bid for the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.  ESPN reports Kerry said

“The Hall of Fame vote and Ron Santo are talked about a lot in our clubhouse. He’s been denied 18 times, and after each vote we’ll look at his stats and ask, ‘Are these Hall of Fame numbers?’ You’ll get a yes from 95% of the guys. When you start digging into the numbers, I don’t think there’s any doubt. How can you not vote for a guy who was a nine-time All-Star, earned five Gold Gloves, had four top-10 MVP finishes, three top-10 home run finishes and four .300-plus seasons, and led the National League in walks four times? And if you look at all the third basemen who played between 1950 and 1975, Ron ranks second in HRs, third in hits, RBIs and games played, fourth in slugging, and seventh in on-base percentage. And he did it despite having diabetes. For him to play in the big leagues at that level is amazing.

This is a nice article worth reading.

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