Waiting for CooperstownA SantoForHall.com community member contacted me recently to let me know of a new book that is about to hit the market called Waiting for Cooperstown. It is a book that chronicles over 70 years of baseball history focusing on players who’s credentials are good enough to put them into the MLB Hall of Fame but for one reason or another they have been marginalized.

Right at the top of Mr. Reich’s list for players who’ve passed the statistical cut but have never been voted in is Ron Santo.

I would encourage you to check the book out. Right now you can pre-order the book.


  1. #1 Ron Santo Fan says:

    Ron Santo belongs in the Hall of Fame. There is no reason why he shouldn’t have been elected right away. He put up awesome numbers and he played with diabetes.if he doesen’t make it this time around, that will just be a bunch of bull.

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