Even Illinois Senator Dick Durbin agrees that Ron Santo belongs in the MLB Hall of Fame. He recently tooks steps to see this happen. While I don’t always agree with Mr. Durbin’s politics, I think this is something Mr. Durbin and I could work together on.

Kudos to you Senator Durbin for helping MLB to do the right thing!

In a letter to the Hall’s Veterans Committee, Durbin says Santo was great — and probably would have been better if he hadn’t played for the Cubs.

“We can’t know how much better Ron Santo’s statistics might have been had he not played his entire career with a life-threatening illness, in an era that suppressed the long ball, for a team that, God bless them, never once saw post-season action,” wrote Durbin.

Read the Chicago Sun Times article

Len [Kasper] and Bob [Brenly] run a baseball blog for WGN. One of the posts on their site tells an individual how to voice their opinion to the Veterans Committee.

Here’s where you can help: Fans wishing to voice their opinion in support of their favorite candidates may do so in two ways: by sending a single letter to Hall of Fame Veterans Committee, 25 Main Street, Cooperstown, NY 13326, or by logging on to baseballhalloffame.org and sending an e-mail. The Hall of Fame does not forward petitions to the voting members, but makes all correspondence known to any interested voting members, as well as to the Screening Committee members and Historical Overview Committee members.

SantoForHall.com has been collecting petitions and sending them to the Veterans Committee and will continue to do so until the vote is over. Please sign the petition to add your voice here as well.